Our mission is to contribute to education mediated by information and communication technologies (ICT), creating, multiplying and transferring knowledge in this area, forming human resources and providing advisory services and support for the community in different educational levels in Chile.

Costadigital is an institution belonging to the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, whose objective is to generate pedagogical solutions for the educational challenges of the 21st century, through the effective and pertinent use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in educational processes.
We have more than 20 years of experience in education and pedagogical innovation, using methodologies and educational tools that help teachers and students in different schools and universities throughout the country.

Our team of professionals that constitutes Costadigital is recognized nationally and internationally for its interdisciplinary work and contribution to education using ICT. Our team is trained to provide an innovative perspective and thus respond to the concern of how to teach and learn in the Knowledge Society, creating pedagogical models, technological platforms for learning and other educational resources.


In the search and dissemination of new knowledge about educational computing, Costadigital experts constantly conduct research on the integration of ICT at different educational levels and areas of knowledge. The analysis and diagnosis of these processes gives rise to the pedagogical proposals of Costadigital, focused on the efficient use of technologies to improve and optimize learning and educational management.

Augmented Reality

Costadigital has been using Augmented Reality (AR) since 2013 as a research line. Currently, our experts work in collaboration with the Faculty of Science in the development of applications to support teaching and learning in secondary and higher education using AR.


Pedagogical solutions with ICT

Costadigital offers models of innovation for the pedagogical use of videogames, the development of citizen skills, and the use of smartphones in classrooms, among other projects.

«Mobile technology in the classroom: An opportunity for learning and innovation in teaching practices»

This project is a partnership with Samsung, that aims to use smartphones in school classrooms to promote improved learning through the diversification of the practices of teachers and a more active role of students. Teachers receive training on the use of mobile educational applications to use in the classroom.


Formative strategies

One of the main areas of Costadigital is the creation of new instruments to support the initial and ongoing training of teachers. The training strategies are materialized in the design of diplomas for undergraduate students of pedagogy in Chilean universities, and in the dictation of e-learning and b-learning courses aimed at satisfying the training needs of those who practice the teaching profession in educational establishments.

“Design and implementation of e-learning courses for the National Center for Perfection, Experimentation and Pedagogical Research (CPEIP) of the Ministry of Education”

Costadigital carries out the design, implementation and monitoring of e-learning courses promoted by the Ministry of Education, to improve the use of communication and information technologies (ICT) for teaching and learning. These courses are developed remotely through the Internet, reaching the entire national territory. They are aimed at teachers who work in municipal and private subsidized establishments, from early childhood education to secondary education, including differential education.

The maker movement

The “Network of Maker Clubs in vocational schools” is a maker project; whose purpose is to awaken the curiosity of young people towards science and technology. For this, the students of vocational schools constitute a club, where they approach different missions to develop their creativity around the resolution of challenges, expanding their understanding of the world they inhabit. This project promotes teaching strategies focused on the active participation of students and opens a space for curricular work in areas of STEAM. There are currently 12 secondary schools of three regions in the network.


Design of web pages and educational apps

Costadigital also specializes in the creation and maintenance of websites and also educational apps for mobile platforms.

«Mapuche: A look at its roots»

This is an app for Android, describing four major areas of the Mapuche culture: beliefs, society, culture, legends and art. It also encourages the use and knowledge of Mapuche vocabulary. The application is intended for pedagogical use in primary schools.